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Her hull was launched in May , and completed in July She had one sister ship, Dresden. Like the preceding Königsberg -class cruisers, Emden was armed with ten In , she came under the command of Karl von Müller , who would captain the ship during World War I. At the outbreak of hostilities, Emden captured a Russian steamer and converted her into the commerce raider Cormoran. Emden rejoined the East Asia Squadron, after which she was detached for independent raiding in the Indian Ocean. The cruiser spent nearly two months operating in the region, and captured nearly two dozen ships.

On October 28, , Emden launched a surprise attack on Penang ; in the resulting Battle of Penang , she sank the Russian cruiser Zhemchug and the French destroyer Mousquet. Müller then took Emden to raid the Cocos Islands , where he landed a contingent of sailors to destroy British facilities. The more powerful Australian ship quickly inflicted serious damage and forced Müller to run his ship aground to prevent her from sinking. Out of a crew of , were killed in the battle. Most of the survivors were taken prisoner; the landing party, led by Hellmuth von Mücke , commandeered an old schooner and eventually returned to Germany.

Emden ' s wreck was quickly destroyed by wave action, and was broken up for scrap in the s. The engines were powered by twelve coal-fired Marine-type water-tube boilers and drove a pair of screw propellers. The ship was armed with ten Two were placed side by side forward on the forecastle , six were located amidships, three on either side, and two were placed side by side aft. They were supplied with 1, rounds of ammunition, for shells per gun. She carried a secondary battery of eight 5. She was also fitted to carry fifty naval mines.

She was launched on 26 May and christened by the Oberbürgermeister Lord Mayor of her namesake city, Dr.

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During this period, she also served as the escort for Kaiser Wilhelm II aboard his yacht Hohenzollern. Emden was decommissioned in September after she completed her trials. Emden and Bremen stayed in Buenos Aires from 17 to 30 May to represent Germany at the celebrations of the hundredth anniversary of Argentinian independence. The cruise across the Pacific was delayed because of a lack of good quality coal. The cruise was used to evaluate the ship on long-distance voyages for use in future light cruiser designs.

Emden encountered unusually severe weather on the trip, which included a stop at Easter Island. The ship then proceeded to Apia in German Samoa , arriving on 22 July. The squadron remained in Samoa until October, when the ships returned to their base at Tsingtao. Emden was thereafter sent to the Yangtze River from 27 October to 19 November, which included a visit to Hankou. The ship visited Nagasaki , Japan, before returning to Tsingtao on 22 December for her annual refit. The two cruisers reinforced German forces at Ponape, which included the old unprotected cruiser Cormoran.

The ships bombarded rebel positions and sent a landing force, which included men from the ships along with colonial police troops, ashore in mid-January By the end of February the revolt had been suppressed, and on 26 February the unprotected cruiser Condor arrived to take over the German presence in the Carolines. Emden and the other ships held a funeral the following day for those killed in the operation, before departing on 1 March for Tsingtao via Guam. After arriving on 19 March, she finally began her yearly overhaul.

In mid, the ship went on a cruise to Japan; while there she accidentally rammed a Japanese steamer during a typhoon. The collision caused significant damage and necessitated another trip to the drydock in Tsingtao. She thereafter returned to the Yangtze to protect Europeans during the Chinese Revolution that broke out on 10 October. During this period, on 26 August, rebels attacked the ship, and Emden ' s gunners immediately returned fire, silencing her attackers. Emden moved to Shanghai on 14 August. Emden spent the first half of on the normal routine of cruises in Chinese and Japanese waters without incident.

On 31 July, with war days away, Müller decided to put to sea to begin commerce raiding once war had been formally declared. Two days later, on 2 August, Germany declared war on Russia, and the following day, Emden captured the Russian steamer Ryazan. The Russian vessel was sent back to Tsingtao, where she was converted into the auxiliary cruiser Cormoran. The ships arrived in Pagan on 12 August. Spee therefore decided to take the East Asia Squadron to South America, where it could attempt to break through to Germany, harassing British merchant traffic along the way.

Spee agreed, and allowed Müller to operate independently, since Emden was the fastest cruiser in the squadron. Since the cruiser Königsberg was already operating in the western Indian Ocean around the Gulf of Aden , Müller decided he should cruise in the shipping lanes between Singapore , Colombo and Aden. While seeking to coal off Jampea Island , the Dutch coastal defense ship Tromp stopped Emden and made clear that she would enforce Dutch neutrality. Müller therefore decided to steam into the Lombok Strait. To maintain secrecy, Emden ' s crew rigged up a dummy funnel to give her the appearance of a British light cruiser.

She then steamed up the coast of Sumatra toward the Indian Ocean. On 5 September, Emden entered the Bay of Bengal , [21] achieving complete surprise, since the British assumed she was still with Spee's squadron. There, she captured the Greek collier Pontoporros , which was carrying equipment for the British. Müller took the ship into his service and agreed to pay the crew. Emden captured five more ships; [23] troop transports Indus and Lovat and two other ships were sunk, and the fifth, a steamer named Kabinga , was used to carry the crews from the other vessels.

Off the Ganges estuary, Emden caught a Norwegian merchantman; upon searching her, the Germans determined she was not carrying contraband and therefore released her. The Norwegians informed Müller that Entente warships were operating in the area, and so he decided to return to the eastern coast of India. Emden thereafter stopped and released an Italian freighter, whose crew relayed news of the incident to a British vessel, which in turn informed British naval authorities in the region. The result was an immediate cessation of shipping and the institution of a blackout.

The British armored cruiser Minotaur and the Japanese armored cruiser Ibuki were sent to patrol likely coaling stations. In late September, Müller decided to bombard Madras. Müller believed the attack would demonstrate his freedom of maneuver and decrease British prestige with the local population. She set fire to two oil tanks and damaged three others, and damaged a merchant ship in the harbor. The following day, the British again mandated that shipping stop in the Bay of Bengal; during the first month of Emden ' s raiding career in the Indian Ocean, the value of exports there had fallen by From Madras, Müller had originally intended to rendezvous with his colliers off Simalur Island in Indonesia, but instead decided to make a foray to the western side of Ceylon.

On 25 September, Emden sank the British merchantmen Tywerse and King Lund two days before capturing the collier Buresk , which was carrying a cargo of high-grade coal. A German prize crew went aboard Buresk and she was thereafter used to support Emden ' s operations. Later that day, the German raider sank the British vessels Ryberia and Foyle. She arrived there on 29 September and remained for a day while her crew replenished her coal stocks. The raider then cruised the routes between Aden and Australia and between Calcutta and Mauritius for two days without success.

Emden thereafter steamed to Diego Garcia for engine maintenance and to rest her crew. The British garrison at Diego Garcia had not yet learned of the state of war between Britain and Germany, and so treated Emden to a warm reception. She remained there until 10 October, during which time her bottom was cleaned of fouling. She then resumed searching for merchant ships in the area west of Colombo. While operating there, Emden picked up Hampshire ' s wireless signals again, and so departed for the Chagos Archipelago on 13 October. On 20 October, Müller decided it was time to move to a new area of operations.

Müller decided his next course of action would be a surprise attack on Penang in British Malaya. Emden coaled in the Nicobar Islands and departed for Penang on the night of 27 October, with the departure timed to allow her to arrive off the harbor at dawn. She approached the harbor entrance at Emden ' s lookouts quickly spotted a warship in the port with her lights on; it turned out to be the Russian protected cruiser Zhemchug , [26] a veteran of the Battle of Tsushima. Only five rounds of ready ammunition were permitted for each gun, with a sixth chambered. Immediately thereafter, he gave the order for the Emden quickly inflicted grievous damage on her adversary; she turned around to make another pass at Zhemchug.

One of the Russian gun crews managed to get their weapon into action, but scored no hits. Müller ordered a second torpedo to be fired into the burning Zhemchug while his guns continued to batter her. By the time the smoke cleared, Zhemchug had already slipped beneath the waves, her masts the only parts of the ship still above water. The elderly French cruiser D'Iberville and the destroyer Fronde opened wildly inaccurate fire on Emden. Müller then decided to depart, owing to the risk of encountering superior warships. While preparing to take possession of the ship, Emden had to recall her boats when she spotted an approaching ship.

This proved to be the French destroyer Mousquet , and the unprepared ship was quickly destroyed. Emden stopped to pick up survivors from Mousquet and departed at around Another French destroyer tried to follow, but lost sight of the German raider in a rainstorm. On 30 October, Emden stopped the British steamer Newburn and put the French sailors aboard her after they signed statements promising not to return to the war. After releasing the British steamer, Emden turned south to Simalur, where she met the captured collier Buresk. While en route to the Cocos, Emden spent two days combing the Sunda Strait for merchant shipping without success.

She thereafter proceeded to the Cocos, arriving off Direction Island at Since there were no British vessels in the area, Müller sent ashore a landing party led by Kapitänleutnant First Lieutenant Hellmuth von Mücke , Emden ' s executive officer. The party consisted of another two officers, six non-commissioned officers, and thirty-eight sailors armed with four machine guns and thirty rifles.

emder singles

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